**Switch to Fullscreen from the Main Menu or by pressing "F"!**

The quick brown fox is a one-button concentration game that follows three simple rules:

1. The fox accelerates and turns by itself as long as it touches the ground.

2. Don't touch other animals.

3. You only need to decide when to jump.

How many times can you jump over that lazy dog? The game starts out easy, but once you've mastered the basic jumps you will have a hard time evading the incoming animals without falling off the cliff. Oh, and while you are at it, collect some of these floating letters to complete the sentence at the top of the screen. Completed sentences earn you an envelope which you can use to unlock new characters and stages.

Space / mouse click in the right moment to jump over the dog and evade the other animals.

Press "R" for instant restart.

Press "F" to toggle fullscreen mode.

Collect the letters for additional points and to complete the pangram sentence on top of the screen to earn envelopes. Use envelopes to unlock additional stages and characters.

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